Success Stories

Chiropractic truly can change your life! See what some of our patients have to say about what it did for them…

Since having chiropractic care I have noticed I have more energy, no back pain, am Tylenol free, less stress, no headaches. It will definitely help you! Try it, be patient, be positive, it has really worked for me, Dr. John knows what he’s doing and is the best at what he does.

– Vicky

Since having chiropractic care I have noticed much less pain, am able to function with work, better sleep, much more mobility with no assistance, positive outlook, breathe easier, lost weight as I’ve become more mobile. In my opinion chiropractic is a better alternative to your general practitioner, no prescription drugs, caring atmosphere and very informative when questions arise.


I would love to see everyone have regular visits to a chiropractor, it should be mandatory.

– Jackie

Since having chiropractic care I have noticed I have no back pain or numbness in limbs, increased energy, sleeping better, exercising more – because mobility has improved.

I’ve been able to successfully get off effexor, which was an antidepressant I was taking. It is definitely a positive impact in my personal health, and growth.  Also through gaining more information and education with this chiropractic experience, I have had more positive energy within.

– Kathy

Since having chiropractic care I have noticed my neck and shoulder pain are gone, I have no more migraines, my back pain is much less and I have much more flexibility and definitely more energy.  I used to always have nitro for my angina now I don’t even think about it anymore. It is tremendously helpful. It has made me feel like a healthier, more energetic person.  I would, and have recommended my family to go for treatment

– Nellie

Since having chiropractic care I have noticed 90% of back, neck and shoulder ache gone and 100% of right arm pain is gone.  Headaches are almost non-existant.  I no longer wake up in the night with back pain. I found the chiropractor very informative and easy to communicate with. I am very pleased with my new flexibility and especially my peace of mind.  For someone who is sceptical, I know how I was very wrong.

– John