Numbness and Tingling? I CAN HELP!

Do you suffer from NUMBNESS AND TINGLING? Have you been to several doctors and they all tell you nothing is wrong?

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Numbness and Tingling What is it?

Feelings of Numbness and Tingling are Not Normal. These sensations are most often felt in the arms, hands, legs and feet, but can be felt anywhere in the body.

Pills are NOT the solution!
Medication is a common treatment for many nerve problems. Unfortunately, this “Wait and See” method is not always effective. Pills may provide temporary relief of severe symptoms, however long term use use of medication is a band-aid solution. Anti-depressants, anti seizure medication and pain pills are prescribed most often, but all of these medications have serious side effects. Your body was designed to heal itself naturally, from the inside out, without invasive treatments or medications!
Chiropractic care will change your life… it is that simple! 

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is often caused by subluxations, or misalignments of the spine, putting pressure on the nerves. This can happen in any of the vertebral joints, from the neck all the way down to the tail bone. The pain, numbness and tingling that results is an extremely annoying problem.

Well, we have good news!
The good news is that chiropractic adjustments have proven effective in helping to relieve the pressure on the nerves.  By using techniques that are safe, gentle, and non-invasive, I am able to release the pressure that has built up on your nerves. This allows your nervous system to function more effectively, and your body to heal the way it was designed to – from the inside out!

Eliminate Numbness & Tingling

Numerous studies have proven chiropractic’s effectiveness in helping nerve conditions. Patients showed an 85.5% resolution of the nerve symptoms after only 9 chiropractic treatments – Journal of Chiropractic Medicine 2008

With chiropractic care, patients had “significant improvement in perceived comfort and function, nerve conduction and finger sensation oversll.” – JMPT 1998
“Significant increase in grip strength and normalization of motor and sensory latencies were noted. Orthopedic tests were negative. Symptoms dissipated.” – JMPT 1994
These studies mean that you could soon be enjoying life… without those aggravating nerve problems!

I Can Help!


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Numbness and Tingling Evaluation

Hi, my name is Dr. John Rae, owner of Ultimate Family Chiropractic. I have been helping people with neuropathy and nerve problems for more than 13 years.
For a limited time only, I am offering a Numbness and Tingling Evaluation in my office. If you call to book before December 19th, you will receive a complete spinal assessment, valued at $160, for ONLY $27!   This assessment includes the following:
 Health History – a detailed health history review, where we will discuss your numbness and tingling symptoms and listen to your concerns.
Posture Analysis – a review of your posture, looking for any imbalances that will affect the well being of your spine.
Digital X-Rays – if necessary, I will take a set of digital X-Rays which will allow me to assess the integrity of your spine and develop the most effective treatment plan for you.
Doctor’s Report – together we will review the results of your assessment and discuss the method of treatment designed to help eliminate your numbness and tingling symptoms.
Imagine living the pain free, symptom free life you have always dreamed of! Allow your body to heal itself naturally, the way it was designed to. With Chiropractic care, we will relieve the pressure on your nerves from subluxations, and help you achieve optimum health!
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